We are teaming up with THE smARTest PROJECT to help show the world some of the most incredible unseen art!


A brand new ethical art organisation based in London that instils more fairness, more originality and more diversity in the International Art scene.

Their artists are based in Haiti, meaning despite their obvious and undeniable talent they have a restricted access to the international art market. Thus the THE smARTest PROJECT was born, to stimulate equity for these artists gain them the rewards and exposure they deserve.

Empowering and championing emerging and established Haitian Artists 

“We raise their livelihoods. We accompany them in their personal development.  We help them to develop and realize art projects that benefit their local communities. We support their local Art Entrepreneurship. We nurture their aspirations. They fuel the decisions of the organisation.”

Supporting hidden talents

THE smARTest PROJECT has a similar goal to Arthaus London, which is to support and raise awareness for those individual talents that are currently shuttered by obscurity. Building their repute, profile and their story. Its all about getting the art seen.

“We build art bridges between cultures.”

Inspirational Haitian Art

Haitian art is different. Intuitive. Visionary. Controversial. Meaningful. Unique.

The art often has powerful cultural, spiritual and symbolic messages rich from a rich culture. It is unlike anything you would find in modern western art, the creative visions are weird, wonderful, expressionate. What we really love about it is it makes you think. It makes you pause, stop and consider exactly what it is you are looking at. It is a window into a rich, vibrant and old culture that is barely ever seen.

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Find out more about THE smARTest PROJECT check out their website https://www.thesmartestproject.co.uk/