We are teaming up with THE smARTest PROJECT to help show the world some of the most incredible unseen art! THE smARTest PROJECT A brand new ethical art organisation based in London that instils more fairness, more originality and more diversity in the International...

Prix Pictet – Space

The Prix Pictet aims to harness the power of photography to draw attention to global issues. This exhibition cover themes from migration to inter-planetary travel, all the way to over population and environmental crises. More than 700 photographers worldwide were...

Gavin Mawditt – An Interview

Gavin Mawditt Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where’s home? What are your hobbies (apart from photography of course)? I live in a place called Newthorpe in Nottingham which is a lovely rural area. If I’m not photographing something, I love films, theatre and...

For the Love of Art

If you are a developer, when it comes to selling, how you dress your walls is of paramount importance. If you are a business owner how you dress your walls makes a big impact on staff and visitors.

Art is with us everywhere we go and it effects our mood and our attitudes. The way we are visually stimulated can determine how we make decisions, our openness to ideas and pliability to suggestion.

Arthaus London fulfils a fundamental business need; providing original art at affordable prices. We also have a unique collaborative offering where businesses can offset some or all of the cost of their art.

Follow the link below to find out more about how we have worked with Essential Living..

We source art from unknown and emerging artists.

Art that will not be seen anywhere else, that is utterly original, using techniques you may not now even exist…

We want to see great art on every wall.

That means your wall! We have a broad variety of art available at our fingertips. Show us a blank wall and we will show you an inspired solution.

We Collaborate

We offer a variety of original artwork. But we can also source more artwork from a number of sources.

What makes Arthaus truly unique is our ability to collaborate with our clients. By jointly marketing our artists’ work we can sell limited editions, a percentage of which goes back to you…