Arthaus London is all About the Artists


Our aim is to develop a platform for the ‘unseen’ works of talented individuals to be displayed. To get their names out into the world of art. We want to tap into those hard-drives, those cupboards of drawings that no-one sees, and shout about them. There are so many artists with no outlet beyond their social media profile, whose work really deserves a spotlight shone upon it.

If you would like your work to be considered by us at Arthaus London

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Our Artists

Steve Orino

David Rosie

Adriano Guddo

Amir Bech

Peter Muckle

Paul Crowley

Alex Hamdy

Gavin Mawditt

Sebastian O’Reilly

Phil Key

How we work with our Artists

If you are an artist we want to speak with you. At the moment our focus is on photographic art but we are soon moving into fine art, sculpture and textiles so please call us….